polytimi biliona has been a ceramicist for more than two decades. her lifelong fascination with clay began as a high school student when she took a seminar with master ceramicists in maroussi, an area outside of athens known for its high-quality clay and skilled craftsmen for centuries.  she then studied with master ceramicist, efi papaioannou, at the athens school for potters where she developed a solid foundation in hand-building and wheel techniques as well as special firing and enamel methods. a summer apprenticeship with master ceramicist, andreas makaris, in santorini, confirmed her passion for ceramics. upon completing her studies, polytimi returned to santorini to continue her studies with mr. makaris, eventually, opening her own studio.   in 2011, polytimi decided to relocate her studio to nafplio, a neo-classical city in the northeast corner of the peloponnese, leaving santorini after a 20-year sojourn.

polytimi likes to experiment with clay’s infinite possibilities.  she uses traditional ceramic techniques to strike a balance with color, form, function with each piece.  drawing inspiration from antique crockery and random daily objects, she creates functional art to be used in every day life.